Who are we?

Creating Memorable Experiences that will last forever Escape With Us

Founded in Miami, as a full-service hospitality company, we believe that everyone deserves to live the lifestyle of their dreams. We invite you to ESCAPE everyday life and enter paradise. Experiencing luxury destinations—with lavish villas, exceptional hospitality, and every desire one can dream of.

Our luxury villas are located in the best neighborhoods and we connect you with top experiences. No matter what your dream vacation might be, we’ll make sure that you find it here with Escape. Escape believes that today’s vacation rental industry focuses too much on cutting services to keep costs low. When you choose Escape, you get a full-service vacation rental company that puts your needs first. Whether you want to spend the day drowsing on the patio of a beachside villa, or you’d rather sail the ocean in a luxury yacht, Escape can make your dream vacation a reality.

Hand Picked Luxury Villas

Live your dreams and escape your worries. Our Miami vacation rentals are hand-picked to suit the highest tastes. Every villa we offer is selected for its expectational qualities. Many of our homes have multiple infinity pools, stunning outdoor spaces, direct access to the water, and views of the Miami skyline.

Exceptional Hospitality Services

Our connections in Miami run deep. Based right in Miami Beach, we offer vacationers and business travelers the chance to live a lifestyle of luxury. We provide exceptional hospitality services including, but not limited to: luxury/exotic car rentals, yacht rentals, mansions and luxury homes, chauffeured car services, travel and event planning, and more! We devote 100% of our effort into each and every client. We cover every aspect of the planning entrusted to us. Each task is accomplished effectively and efficiently, without missing a detail.

Our goal is to be sure that your experience with Escape, whether it be business or pleasure, is a memorable one. Escape into paradise.