2020 Miami Boat Show

2020 Miami Boat Show

Miami Boat Show: The Biggest International Boat Show is About to Happen in Town in 2020

The Miami Boat Show is a brand name in itself. Inaugurated in the year 1969, the Miami Boat Show is a public exhibition and trade of current boat models, out-of-production classics, and debuts. With an expected 1400 boats spread across the Miami Stadium, the Show seeks to not only provide an opportunity to witness some of the most exquisite pieces in boats and yachts but also to educate oneself regarding the fineries of the boating life and to learn extensively during the event. The goal is to reach out to as many people as possible and indulge its attendees in an unmatchable and unforgettable affair.

Organizers and Exhibitors:

Organized by the National Marine Manufacturers Association, a company invested in auto and automobiles, travel and tourism and logistics and transportation industries, this event promises its visitors a line-up of more than 170 esteemed boat brands, including “AB Inflatables” (by AB Inflatables), “Achilles Inflatable Craft” (by Achilles Inflatable Craft), “Grady White” (by Grady-White Boats, Inc.) and “Catalina Yachts” (by Catalina Yachts). Renowned companies like Yamaha, Suzuki, and Massachusetts Maritime Academy will be exhibiting their marine products at the Show.

Where is the Miami Boat Show?

Although previously organized in three different locations in Miami, since 2016, the Show has shifted to the Miami Marine Stadium Park Campus, Virginia Key, Miami. Built-in 1963 by the Millman Construction Company of Miami Beach, the marine stadium is the first state-of-the-art, purpose-built stadium designed explicitly for powerboat racing. The venue is highly revered for its incredibly scenic views of Downtown and Miami Beach and is located just south of Downtown Miami.

When is the Miami Boat Show?

The Show is expected to stretch over six days, starting from 02-13-2020 through 02-17-2020 (Thursday to Monday from 10 am to 6 pm). The days are expected to be comfortably warm, with maximum temperatures expected to stay below 80 Fahrenheit during the event days. Long sunny days are anticipated, with an average of 10 hours of sunshine each day, with no downpours or clouds to ruin the summer mood. Hence, visitors can safely plan their visits to the event without having to worry about the angry weather and can enjoy a wonderful time at the venue.

How to Get to the Miami Boat Show?

Transportation is one of the highest priority concerns when planning to travel for an event. Since a large population turnout is expected and there is only one road in and out of the Show, it is always wise to plan one’s transportation and parking to the Miami Boat Show in advance. There are several ways you could get to the site. Consult the list below for more information regarding the matter:

    • Free Water Taxis
      • Free water taxis are planned to run throughout the show days, starting from the 12th of February. These are, however, only available for show-goers with pre-purchased tickets. Therefore, if you wish to avail of this facility, it is best to pre-purchase your tickets to the Show. The taxis are expected to run from the Bayfront Park and the AmericanAirlines Arena.
    • Shuttle Buses
      • Free shuttle buses will also be running ushering visitors from Bayfront Park, AmericanAirlines Arena, Downtown Parking Garages, and Brightline terminal.For those coming from the north, it is advised that they take the Brightline from the Palm Beach and reach Miami, from where the free shuttle bus can be taken to come directly to the Boat Show,For those coming from the south, Metrorail from any station can be taken to the Historic Overtown. Adjacent to the said location is the Brightline Miami Station, from where the free shuttle bus can be taken to the venue.
    • Parking for Cars
      • If instead, you plan on coming to the Boat Show via your own car, it is best that you pre-book a parking slot in one of the parking garages to avoid any inconvenience. There are various slots available on-site.

Highlights of the Miami Boat Show

The Miami Boat Show is one of the world’s largest and most influential boat shows. With a large public turnout each year, the event, on average, hosts around 100,000 attendees annually. The visitors are allowed to experience the boating lifestyle in a whole new way. The several features of the Show include on-the-water boating workshops, daily seminars, and marine product displays. The following list elaborates on the to-dos and the essentials of the boat show:

    • There is something for everyone. For anyone who is even remotely interested in boats and related items, there is something to keep one indulged. You could be a professional boater looking for a good variety of yachts or a newbie just seeking to spend your time under the sun and enjoy looking at state of the art boats or maybe just an enthusiast wanting to learn about boats and related services- the event caters to everyone’s needs and desires. Entertainment is 100% guaranteed from the moment you step into the Show.
    • Wandering around on location is a highly-engrossing activity if one does not have any activity preplanned for the days of the event. One can explore the latest powerboats, sailboats, etc. Allow yourself an unbeatable and never before experienced by actually stepping on world-class boats and yachts and explore their insides, as most of the sailing items will be open for public. Moreover, since the variety of products present is so diverse, you can find items ranging from fishing vessels to yachts to the best new marine technology to gear and accessories. View the latest marine product exhibition and get a chance to learn more about what’s new in the market for personal watercraft, boats, and outboard motors, etc.
    • If you are looking to educate yourself on aspects related to the marine experience, you could find a class that’s a perfect fit for you. The Boat Show allows you to select between in-class and on-water class programs on fishing, powerboats, and sailboats. You can choose to learn about relevant areas from experts in the field like Capt. Manuel Rodriguez-Leston and Chris Parker. Worry not if you are a beginner in the field, for there are classes available for different difficulty levels, all to suit your individual needs and requirements. There is a manifold of courses to choose from ranging from “Intro to Boating” (which allows you to gain confidence on water in a fun, easy and affordable way) to “Precision Docking and Boat Handling” (which covers 180-degree turnarounds, docking on port and SCAN procedures). These classes provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn the best from the best in the field and hence must not be ignored if you are seeking to learn.
    • One of the latest additions to the Boat Show is the Costa Conservation Village. In light of the recent realization of the plight of marine life and boosted conservation efforts, this Conservation Village can allow novice conservationists with the necessary information to educate them on the current scenario and counteracting schemes. Experts from conservation-minded associations will be present on board to inform the public about the current critical environmental issues and teach them ways to play their own part in helping the environment.
    • There are special activities aimed at sailors and those interested in sailing specifically. The Boat Show features special exhibits for sailboats and specialized programming and specific gear for sailors. The public is allowed to board a wide variety of sailing monohulls and first-hand experience leisure. First-timers can get out on the water and gain confidence at the helm with on-water training by qualified ASA instructors. Or, if it is the class-room environment based learning that you are looking for, worry not, for you could be in a classroom with experts, attending a terrific line-up of sailing seminars and programs conducted by respectable names in the field. Signing up for these classes is fairly straightforward and can be done online via the official website.
      Moreover, there is a pavilion dedicated entirely to sailing gear, navigational equipment, rigging, and information from a plethora of travel and charter companies.
    • Obviously, no event is complete without food and refreshments. Attendees can choose between four dining options based on location, i.e., decks, center court, east end food court, and the west end. There are 26 different eateries, all offering a variety of food and beverage provisions, aiming to touch and tease your palette with unforgettable tastes. Ranging from Sushi Maki to Cheeseburger Baby to B.C. Tacos, several brand names can easily be located on-site, catering to the different food urges of different customers.


Buy Tickets Now!

You can buy your tickets in advance from here. The prices of the ticket are mentioned below:

Premier Day Admission $45.00
Adult Admission (Ages 13+) $30.00
2 Day Adult Admission (Ages 13+) $55.00
Group Admission Tickets (15-30) $21.00
Group Admission Tickets (31 – 45) $20.00
Group Admission Tickets (46+) $19.00

The Miami Boat Show is an experience that is truly unmatchable in all regards. Even someone who is remotely fascinated by the floating transportation vehicles will be left genuinely awed at the Show, for the variety of boats, programs, and gears that are unimaginable. The unbeatable exposure promised allows one to gather an amount of knowledge that is usually learned over a lifetime. Therefore, book your tickets now and prepare to embark on a journey with your family to live the best and the most memorable days of your lives.